Abeka Book

Louisiana Christian School uses Abeka Book exclusively to instruct our
students currently enrolled in K3–grade 12. With its traditional educational approach
and proven methods, A Beka Book has helped many students achieve outstanding
academic results.

A Beka Book offers your child the best in Christian education and can lead the
way to great results.

Proven Teaching Methods and Distinctive Program Advantages
*A Beka Book’s systematic phonics program teaches students to read at an early age while giving them a variety of strong character-building reading selections.

*Grammar and creative writing principles are reinforced by consistent daily practice and review.

*Spelling, vocabulary, and poetry help students improve their ability to
read, write, think, and speak and proper penmanship is taught step by step throughout the program.

*A Beka Book’s arithmetic program uses a traditional, spiral review approach to help students develop thinking skills for daily living.

*The science and health program teaches students about creation and the Creator—refuting man made ideas of evolution.

*The history and geography program is developed from a Christian perspective with patriotic character-building content.

*Fine arts electives are designed to round out the student’s education with art, music, and speech.

Your child will receive a truly Christian education—one based on the truth of God’s Word. You can be assured that he will not be exposed to humanistic secular philosophies.

Your child will receive a first-class academic education. Students in schools using this curriculum attain superior academic achievement.